Creating an Unforgettable Memory with Photos on Canvas

Are you looking for new and original ways to display some of your most favorite digital photos? Printing treasured photos on canvas is a wonderful way to create beautiful, one of a kind pieces of art. Not only are they beautiful, but photos on canvas are also cheaper to produce, as there’s no need for frames or matting. Plus, they are a super durable option for households with kids, as they can be pushed and knocked off of the wall without harming the photo. It’s perfect for larger format photos, and also looks great on smaller designs.


One of the easiest ways to create a memory that will always be treasured is to print a cherished photo on canvas and give it as a gift. Creating a copy of your parent’s wedding photo or copying a favorite portrait from your childhood for a sibling can be a wonderful way to share a memory with someone that you love. Another wonderful idea is to have a photo from a loved one’s wedding album printed on a large canvas and given as a belated wedding gift or first anniversary present. Having these touching moments printed onto lovely canvas can be a wonderful way to give a truly unique gift.


When you are ready to get those photos off of your hard drive and onto your walls, consider printing onto canvas. Canvas prints are an affordable yet highly effective way to add some color, life and love into your home or into the home of someone you love. Start capturing your favorite memories on canvas today by seeing how easy it is to turn your favorite digital photos into priceless canvas prints. Just pick out your favorite photos and start designing the perfect photo-to-canvas projects for your home or for the perfect gift. It’s easy to create something amazing!



Decorating Kid’s Rooms for Less with Photos on Canvas

As your child grows and begins to develop their own creative talents, it’s fun to start displaying their artwork and photos that they like in their bedroom. Photos on canvas are perfect for this purpose, as they are incredibly durable and stay looking great with minimal maintenance. There are many different ways to display the fun photos and pieces of personal artwork that your child creates – read on for some helpful hints for decorating your child’s room for less!


Printing photos onto canvas is a wonderful way to instantly brighten up any child’s room or play area. One fun way to display photos and artwork in your child’s room is to install some basic shelves on one or two walls at varying heights and set canvas prints directly on them, creating a simple collection of differently sized prints. You can also forgo the shelves and just hang the canvas prints onto the wall in a simple pattern. Don’t go too crazy with trying to fit in too many pictures in one space. Just pick out the ones that you and your child love the most and arrange them in an appealing pattern. Less is more when it comes smart design!


Another fun way to showcase canvas prints in your child’s room is to use removable wall decals for framing. This can be a really fun, non-permanent way to add some personality to the prints and they can be changed up as much as you want without harming the picture or the walls.


When you get creative with canvas, it’s easy to come up with fun, affordable ways to decorate any child’s room. Check out how easy it is to decorate with photos on canvas today by creating some special designs for your home.




How to Print on Canvas for Fun Artwork for Kids

It’s never too early for your kids to start appreciating a nice piece of art! If you are looking for an easy solution for adding some life to the kid’s rooms in your home, consider a print on canvas. Canvas prints are unique, attractive and affordable, and they are perfect for areas where you want to avoid hanging heavy metal and glass frames. Canvas is a smart choice for kids because it’s sturdy, it looks great and you can print anything you want onto high-grade canvas with professional looking results.


Printing artwork onto canvas for kids is as easy as choosing the right pictures. One popular choice is to select one large image that is divided up into three separate canvas panels. This look works well in any room in the house, but it can be especially fun in a children’s room. Choose a large image that isn’t too busy but that offers visual stimulation in the form of brightly colored shapes and designs. That’s the best way to liven up any room.


One fun way to decorate with artwork is to mix in prints of your kid’s own artwork with prints from established artists. It’s a fun way to make them feel important, and it’s also just fun to have some of their favorite pictures printed on lovely professional canvas. Try to mix it up with a few different types of designs and have fun with the process. Since canvas prints are so affordable, it’s easy to get a few different choices so that you have a few different options to choose from.


To save big on your canvas printing project, always order online from a reputable provider for the best quality and the best prices. When you choose the right company for the job, you’ll be able to get the fun and creative artwork for your kid’s bedrooms that you’ve always wanted. Check it out for yourself today!


How to Turn Canvas Shapes in Fun Kid Art

Canvas shapes and prints are all the rage in the world of kid’s interior design and they are a wonderfully affordable way to brighten up any area of the home that could use some fun. Canvas shapes in bright, eye catching colors combined with bright, kid-themed prints can instantly brighten up any kid’s space. Whether you want to add some color to a bedroom, playroom or other area of your home, canvas shapes for kids are an easy to install solution.


When paired with a canvas print or two, canvas shapes can add some added texture and movement to a wall. Adding in some canvas animal shapes or sports-themed shapes instantly livens up a bedroom and inspires creativity. When you throw in some fun prints that feature family, pets or simply some of the child’s favorite things, you can create a pulled-together look that your child will love.


It’s important to strike a balance when decorating a child’s room, as you don’t want to overdo it with too many different themes or colors that are unsettling or too bright. Keep it simple when decorating with canvas for kids and try to select one or two focus pieces and decorate around those. This can help you avoid overdoing it with one particular color theme or pattern and it makes it easier to create a cohesive look.


Canvas shapes and high quality prints are so easy to hang and care for that they make perfect sense for use in kid’s rooms. They are easy to maintain and hang and are very durable to everything that your kid’s throw their way. When you take the time to create a cohesive look for your child using high quality products that are designed to last, they will learn to appreciate a well-organized personal space. Start good habits early by creating fun designs with canvas shapes and prints and see for yourself just how affordable and attractive they can be.

How to Use Canvas Prints for Every Room in the House

Using canvas prints to decorate your home is a creative and affordable way to add some personality into every room. When you choose high quality canvas prints featuring contemporary designs or personal photos that mean a lot to you, it’s easy to create a professional looking design for every room in your house without blowing your budget.


The first place to start when decorating with canvas prints is choosing colors that will go well with the colors in each room. This may mean choosing a large variety of neutral tones, or selecting prints that perfectly match each room. If you want a little variety, try picking pieces that will look good in at least two different rooms, that way you can easily switch things up if you get tired of a particular look without having to buy all new artwork. Having this level of flexibility can really make decorating fun!


When selecting the prints themselves, think about the purpose of each room and what types of patterns and colors will look best where. You don’t want to overwhelm your family room with overly bright patterns or big historic pictures that may overtake the entire space. Instead, opt for a nice mix of neutral toned images and nice family portraits thrown into the mix to liven things up. Having a variety of different types of canvas prints is the best way to create a great look in any room.


Using canvas prints throughout you home can help create a professional looking and unified take on your personal style, while also providing an easy way to show off your favorite photographs or pieces of art. See for yourself how much canvas prints can add to your home by checking out the latest design options. You’ll be amazed at how much you can do with a little bit of customization and a fun sense of creativity.


Tips for Hanging Wall Prints in Your Living Room

You don’t have to be a professional decorator to hang wall prints in your living room, but it does help to know the basics. Before attempting to hang items yourself, you need to have a basic understanding of how shapes work together and what types of prints are suitable for the living room. This can make the process much easier and can help you get the look you’ve been wanting. We’ve put together some helpful tips that make it easy for anyone to beautify their home with attractive artwork that reflects their personal style and taste.


If you are new to decorating or have never used wall prints to liven up a room, then it can be helpful to start out with something that is simple and that won’t clash with anything in the room. More traditional designs and those that have more muted, neutral colors are great for beginners. Nice floral prints, landscapes and professional family portraits are perfect for the living room and can be mixed together for a nice effect. It’s always a good idea to avoid overdoing one type of artwork or photo, as it can become overwhelming for the room. Mix up different types of prints and choose complimentary colors for the best results.


Another helpful tip for hanging your own wall prints is to take one particular wall and mix different shapes and colors in a pleasing pattern. You don’t want it to look completely random, but rather go for a look that combines a few different shapes and sizes for a cohesive style. Avoid the temptation to hang really big pictures next to teeny tiny pieces of art, as the difference in sizes will be too distracting. Instead, opt for a few pieces that are just different enough to make a noticeable difference and you’ll love the results.


By taking some care when hanging and choosing your wall art, you’ll be able to get outstanding results in no time at all. Wall art is a fast, fun way to dress up any room and you don’t need to be an expert to do it yourself. Start designing your living room today!

Showcase Your Children’s Artwork with Canvas for Less

Has your refrigerator disappeared under a sea of kid’s artwork? We know you love everything that your kids create for you, but it’s tough to keep everything organized when you are running a busy home. That’s why we love getting the artwork off of the fridge and showcasing it on canvas. It’s an inexpensive yet creative way to show off your favorite “works of art” and it can be a fun way to add whimsy throughout your home as well.


If you are tired of picking up those treasured pieces of artwork every morning when you open the fridge for milk, then you are a great candidate for canvas prints for less. It’s so easy to scan in your favorite photos and pictures and have them professionally printed on high-grade canvas for display that you’ll want to have a print for every room! Canvas artwork looks great in any room, is easy to care for and will stay looking great for years to come.


There are so many different ways to show off your kids canvas artwork in your home. Try grouping favorite prints together in play areas, the kitchen and in your kid’s bedrooms. Kids love being able to see their own creations printed on canvas and the pictures can be a great way to save money on affordable décor for your home. To avoid overdoing it, try mixing up canvas prints with fun and bright canvas shapes on the wall. This can be a great way to spread artwork out and maximize its appeal.


Canvas artwork also makes a great gift for grown children or for grandparents and other loved ones. Have a child create something special just for the occasion and then have it printed onto canvas for an instant gift. It’s a wonderful and unique way to share your kids artistic talent and love with others, and it’s a great way for your child to show someone that they care.